Benefits of using DentalCharting

Make your PROFESSIONAL clinic more PROFITABLE, simpler to MANAGE, more SECURE

Profitable Profitable

Increase your clinic’s income by 10% at the least

  • Additional sales because you:
    • schedule more patients
    • present compelling treatment plans
  • Reduced cost because you:
    • operate far more efficiently
    • save on paper significantly

Professional Professional

The perception of your practice being a professional clinic is enhanced because

  • Your patients observe you are in control of their records
  • e-Charting, both dental and periodontal, brings your patients in awe
  • You generate automated treatment plans and price quotations in a second

Manage Manage

Managing your clinic is now simpler than ever

  • Access to your patient records and finance overview anytime, from anywhere, on any device
  • Your paperless clinic conveniently avoids physical document flow
  • Online you always automatically avail of the latest functions, no headaches waiting for software updates
  • With DentalCharting your clinic is now ready for ISO 9000 certification

Secure Secure

DentalCharting provides you with a good-night’s sleep as you/your

  • Patient records in the cloud are safe from disasters
  • Data is automatically backed-up daily
  • Data is stored in a world class data center at the Amsterdam Internet Exchange*)
  • Are provided with a convenient fall-back procedure in case of internet outage

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Why should I use DentalCharting instead of paper record keeping?

First of all because of DentalCharting’s consistent patient record format as well as the speed of patient record entry. The DC database which securely stores your patient records features instant retrieval from your hundreds, even thousands of patient records.

Second, DC’s e-Charting is phenomenal. It takes away the burden of marking your patient’s chart by hand, as it automatically marks the chart once you recorded the treatment. Its periodontal chart is sophisticated.

Lastly, it significantly reduces the use of paper, and it forever protects your patient records from computer crashes, fires, floods.

Why should I use DentalCharting instead of other available dental software?

DC's functions and features are compliant with International record keeping requirements and standards. There is no need to purchase DentalCharting and install it on your computer. You simply subscribe to it. DC is accessed and used like you use your yahoo mail account, or facebook page. As DC runs in the cloud, you access it anytime, from anywhere, on any device*). It is secured by your unique DC username and password.
*) internet connected desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone