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Dear Dr. of Dental Medicine, you are cordially invited to the DentalCharting experience. We offer:

1) Functions and features

A few highlights:

Dashboard e-Charting
In just 30 seconds: enter treatment, mark chart and print the bill.
Charts: Classic, Advanced, Periodontal.
And more ...

Scheduler Scheduler
Appointments overviews by Day, Week and Month.
And more ...

Dashboard Dashboard
At a glance: Today's scheduled appointments, Clinic’s daily income graph past 30 days, Upcoming patient birthdays.
And more ...

Dashboard Patient records list
Instant patient search and sort.
And more ...

Dashboard Finance
Financial analysis.
And more ...

Dashboard Patient record
Patient profile, Work done, Treatment plan.
And more ...

2) Increase your income

Using DentalCharting allows you to improve your clinic's profits by working on increased sales and reduced cost at the same time.

Increased sales are achieved by:

  • Scheduling more patients per day, due to DentalCharting's efficiënt scheduler
  • Providing patients various versions of the treatment plan, which DentalCharting revises with a mouse click, until suitable

Cost saving is achieved because you and your staff work far more efficiently due to DentalCharting's:

  • Quick patient record access
  • Fast e-Charting
  • Speed finance
  • Easy payment

With DentalCharting's help cost savings are significant by running a nearly paperless clinic.


3) Benefits

Make your PROFESSIONAL clinic more PROFITABLE, simpler to MANAGE, more SECURE.

Profitable Profitable
DentalCharting leads to additional sales and reduced cost and as a result higher profits.
And more ...

Professional Professional
DentalCharting enhances your patient’s perception of your practice being an even more professional clinic.
And more ...

Manage Manage
DentalCharting provides access to your patient records and finance overview anytime, from anywhere, on any device.
DentalCharting avoids software purchase, it always provides the latest functions and features online.
And more ...

Secure Secure
DentalCharting stores patient records in the cloud and keeps them safe from computer crashes, fires, floods.
And more ...